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Writing about technology, games, entertainment, and media (among many other things) for everyone from The New York Times Magazine to Wired, the Financial Times, Salon, and many more. Author of a book on online games and virtual worlds. Other stuff.

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Librande christmas article

SimCity Designer Lovingly Crafts Handmade 'Christmas Games ...

For the last 17 years, SimCity designer Stone Librande has dreamed up, designed and lovingly handcrafted an original board game to give to his two sons on Christmas morning.


How Facebook Killed the Virtual World | Wired Opinion |

The Facebook IPO, however rocky, marked a coming of age for the loose collection of technologies and services known as "social media." If Mark Zuckerberg had been elected governor of California, it would not have done as much to confer society's seal of approval. It was almost as if the internet itself went public.